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A Journey of Excellence: Unveiling Our Auto Restoration Process

At Ballard Paint and Body, every vehicle holds a unique story waiting to be retold. Our meticulous restoration process transforms aspirations into reality, making dreams of a revived automobile come alive. Here's an exclusive insight into how we craft automotive masterpieces:

1. Consultation: Vision Unveiled Our journey begins with a personal consultation. We delve into your vision, discussing your car's goals and your aspirations for its transformation. We believe in creating a partnership where your dreams drive our inspiration.

2. Tear Down: Precision Preparation Tear down marks the commencement of the intricate process. We meticulously disassemble the interior and exterior, preparing the canvas for the transformation ahead. This phase readies the vehicle for sandblasting, a crucial step for the ultimate restoration.

3. Sandblasting: Unveiling the Soul The vehicle and its metal parts not slated for immediate replacement undergo a transformative sandblasting process. This uncovers the essence of your automobile, prepping it for the journey of revival.

4. Assessment and Rust Protection: A Precise Beginning After reclaiming the vehicle from the sandblaster, we seal it with PPG Vibrance epoxy primer to thwart surface rust. We assess the extent of damages, crafting a comprehensive sheet metal parts list for seamless rust repair.

5. Rust Repair Initiation: Breathing Life Back Payment received, parts procured, and rust repair begins. Our skilled hands meticulously replace and repair, breathing life back into your cherished vehicle, revitalizing its former glory.

6. Bodywork: Sculpting Perfection After rust repair, the body undergoes a transformative process. Epoxy priming safeguards the metal surface, paving the way for the art of bodywork. Imperfections are smoothed out, ensuring every curve tells a story of dedication.

7. Epoxy Prime: The Perfect Canvas Epoxy priming, once again, protects the transformed bodywork. With patience, we prime the entire vehicle, allowing it to rest and settle for a week. Precision meets perseverance.

8. The Quest for Perfection: Fine-Tuning Block sanding commences, ensuring the body panels align in harmony. After the process of Epoxy priming and block sanding is completed twice, the vehicle emerges straighter than ever, an embodiment of our commitment to perfection.

9. Preparing for Elegance: A Glimpse of Beauty Wet sanding enhances the surface, readying it for the transformative paint process. The vehicle is washed, and careful taping sets the stage for the unveiling of its vibrant new skin.

10. Artistry Unveiled: Paint Application Our expert team meticulously applies PPG Deltron basecoat. Combining precision and immediacy, we seal and paint your vehicle, ensuring a stunning outcome that surpasses expectations.

11. A Clear Vision: Layers of Brilliance Following the basecoat, PPG's vibrance clear takes center stage, gracing the vehicle with layers of durability and stunning clarity. The artistry is complete, setting the stage for the final reveal.

12. The Elegance of Time: Crafting Perfection With patience, we allow the paint and clear to dry for a minimum of two weeks. Our dedication to detail shines as we wetsand the vehicle, progressing through a meticulous spectrum of grits, followed by an expert polish and buff.

13. Assembly: Dreams Materialized Upon request, assembly begins. Glass, door handles, interiors, engines - every component is thoughtfully integrated to align with your vision. Your car emerges complete, ready to be cherished anew.

14. Delivery: A Dream Realized The culmination of our journey arrives with the delivery day. Your vehicle, transformed beyond imagination, is returned to you. A cherished relic, a symbol of artistry, passion, and a vision realized.

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